The Roofing Doctor installs Wood Shingle roofs.

Wood shingles have been used as a roofing material for many centuries.

Traditionally, 18th century shingles were made from local trees, like pine or oak. Today, there are two main choices of wood shingles: Western Red Cedar and Alaskan Yellow Cedar.

Alaskan Yellow Cedar is a relatively new roofing material introduced into the market about twenty years ago. It has slightly more dense growth rings than Red Cedar, but has not yet proven to be superior. Eastern White Cedar has also been used in roofing, although it is a slightly less popular material.

The longevity of Red Cedar is about 20-30 years, depending on maintenance and installation. Red Cedar starts of with a reddish tint and Alaskan Yellow Cedar is yellow-pink; although both eventually weather out to a gray or silvery color which many homeowners find attractive.

Wood shingle roofs are also sought after by homeowners who are looking for a more historic and traditional look to complement their English-style cottages or upscale homes. It is important to note however, that they require careful maintenance since wood is more likely to rot than other materials; although cedar is more decay resistant as compared to other tree species.

Periodical preservative treatments are recommended to prevent lichen and moss, and insure that your roof will not fail prematurely. Wood shingles are also harder to install than some of the more modern roofing materials and require the work of a licensed professional.

The life expectancy of your roof depends heavily on the quality of the installation and materials used. At Roofing Doctor, we have had many years of experience in working with wood shingles, and can guarantee that with proper installation and maintenance, your roof should last for about 30 years. It should be noted however, that wood shingles do not meet many fire safety codes, although some are pressure-treated to provide better fire safety performance.

Wood shingles are also more expensive, but if you are a private homeowner looking for a natural look that blends seamlessly with the landscape, wood shingles could be an excellent choice for you.

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