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Roll Roofs

Roll roofs remain popular in the roofing business because they are an effective and relatively inexpensive alternative for many of your roofing needs.

They are made out of an asphalt-based material similar to asphalt shingles. As the name suggests, they come in rolls or sheets, composed of roofing felt coated on both sides with asphalt.

Roll roofs are great for low pitch roofs, where conventional shingles might prove ineffective. The double-coverage method is great because it allows roofers to easily conceal the nails on low pitch roofs, preventing leaks.

At Roofing Doctor, we also use mineral surface rolls, which are preferable to regular smooth-surfaced rolls, since they are better able to withstand moist conditions. Although asphalt roll roofs are light weight compared to shingles, with proper installation they last for 15-20 years.

Contact us for more information, or to find out if roll roofing could be the cost-effective choice for you!

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