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Fixed Skylights

The Technology

Skylights are designed to deliver brighter/whiter natural light to places you thought were impossible. Fixed skylights are great for visually expanding areas such as hallways, stairwells and other closed-in, dark spaces that can be transformed with sunlight and sky views. They provide an economical alternative in creating a more spacious feeling to your home, with a skylight that does not need to be opened & closed – hence the name ‘Fixed’ Skylight.

Fixed Skylight Models:

VELUX® FS fixed skylight

VELUX® FS fixed skylight, designed for deck mounted installations, for roof pitches from 15° to 85°.

VELUX® QFS fixed skylight

VELUX® QFS fixed skylight, designed for self-flashed installations for roof pitches from 15° to 60°.

VELUX® FCM curb-mounted fixed skylight

VELUX® patented FCM curb-mounted fixed skylight is sized to work with all types of site-built curbs, whether they’re slightly out-of-square, pre-existing, or surrounded by unusually thick flashing and roofing material. Heavy-duty materials ensure the FCM skylight is built to withstand the installation process, as well as anything Mother Nature throws its way.

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