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Fall Maintenance Tips For Your Roof

In New England, the colder months often bring extreme temperatures and unpredictable weather which can be hard on your home, especially your roof. This is why it is important to keep up with the maintenance of your roof. Proper roof maintenance ensures your roof will stand strong throughout the tough fall and winter season.

Keep reading to learn some simple tips that will instantly improve the overall life and durability of your home’s roofing. 

Clear Out Gutter Debris

Naturally, during the fall, things like pinecones and leaves are likely to build up in your gutters. While a little bit of build-up typically does not cause any major issues, the debris can add up over time and cause a costly issue down the road.

Cold winter temperatures also pose an additional problem if you have any debris in your gutter. If snow falls into your gutters and melts, then freezes on top of the debris, ice dams will form on your roof, proving your gutters ineffective. It can also cause extreme water damage which further emphasizes the importance of keeping your gutters clear.

This is typically a simple maintenance task that can be done yourself, but we recommend that if you feel uncomfortable, are elderly or have any other factors that may prevent you from climbing a ladder, please call The Roofing Doctor to handle the cleaning for you. Our team of professionals would be happy to assist.

Install Gutter Guards

Gutter guards provide protection against the elements and stop most debris from entering your gutters. It can be time-consuming to pull out your ladder and clean your gutters by hand each season which is why these guards are a worthy investment. When installed correctly, these guards can eliminate most of the hassle that comes along with cleaning your gutters. It is important to remember that these guards are just a prevention method and do not entirely replace the need for cleaning. No gutter guard system is perfect, but it will make a huge difference in what can accumulate in your gutters.

We use the Micro Mesh Gutter Guard:

This is our top choice due to its durability and resistance to harsh weather conditions. This gutter guard has all the properties of a heavy-duty, more expensive guard while still maintaining an affordable price point. The vertical slant system on this guard allows it to block even the smallest particles, such as shingle stone which makes it great for any climate.

Check For Any Damage

With fall comes rain and windstorms, both of which have the potential to cause damage to your home’s roof. After any large storm, make sure to check the entire perimeter of your home for any missing shingles or holes. 

If you do come across any damage on your roof during your inspection, make sure you get in touch with a contractor as soon as possible. You want to ensure your roof is in working order before snowfall begins. If you let any major damage sit through winter, you risk dealing with a hazardous situation such as a leaking roof.

As a bonus, here is a quick tip for winter:

Never allow snow to build up on your roof, especially around the edges. Snow build-up can cause the edges of your roof to form ice dams and cause water damage as well as fascia. The edges of your roof are especially susceptible to ice dams because warm air from inside your home heats up the middle of your roof, but isn’t as likely to reach the edges.

All things considered, roof maintenance should be a priority year-round, not just in the fall and winter months. Keep a consistent maintenance schedule throughout the year and you’ll greatly mitigate the risk of facing major, costly repairs.

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