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The Complete Guide to Spring Roof Maintenance

The sun is shining and that means it is time to inspect your roof! With the worst of the harsh weather behind us, spring is the ideal time to inspect and replace your roof. We’ve compiled a list of steps you should take to make sure your roof is in tip-top shape this season! It will also help you prepare and plan for a roofing replacement should that be needed to properly protect your home.

Step #1: Shingle Inspection

Take a lap around your house and look for anything out of place. Major signs to be on the lookout for are missing or loose shingles on the roof or laying around the yard. Keep your eye out for shingles that may be warped from the bottom. If you do see any issues, give us a call! At The Roofing Doctor, identifying roofing issues is our specialty and we can do a closer inspection to solve the issue.

Step #2: Gutter Inspection

With the harsh winters and spring showers, it is important to make sure your gutters are clean and clear of debris. Adding leaf protection is an effective way to prevent debris build-up in your gutters for smoother water drainage. Clogged or bent gutters can extend water issues to the foundation, the siding, the ceilings, or walls of your home. If algae has started to grow around your gutters or on your shingles, let us know. We have many products, like StreakFighter, that will prevent build up on your roof and save you from future issues.

Step #3: Chimney Inspection

Just as you did with your shingles, it is important to check your chimney for missing mortars, blown off caps, or cracks. Check flashings as they could be damaged by weather or critters that may have tried to eat them. Any cracks or openings can lead to further damage from weather or animal infestation. 

Step #4: Interior Inspection

In some cases, issues with your roof are more evident from the inside of your home than the outside. Check your ceilings, attics and crawl spaces for mold or signs of a leak that might have appeared over the winter. Doing a thorough inspection throughout the year will make it easier to spot issues quickly before they have time to cause irreversible damage. Spring and fall specifically are the best times to check for issues as they follow or precede seasons that bring damage risk associated with storms.

No matter the time of year, proper roof maintenance is crucial and The Roofing Doctor is here to help! If you are in Massachusetts or Rhode Island and are looking for help with your roof, give us a call at 401-246-0711, or click here to send us an email. We look forward to learning more about your roofing needs! 

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