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Signs You Might Need Your Roof Replaced

Roofing in Massachusetts

As a homeowner, spending time on your roof for maintenance might not be your first Saturday morning chore.  With that said, we recommend keeping a close eye on when it’s time to replace or reinforce aspects of your roof. It’s recommended to be checking your roof every 6 months for signs of wear and clearing off debris while preventing any future damage. We recommend doing this each fall and spring, before and after those harsh, New England winters. Here are a few things to look out for the next time you’re inspecting your roof. 

Exterior Signs 

Start by observing what’s around you. Look for the presence of moss or algae that may have built up on the shingles or in the gutters. For safety, try inspecting from the ground or a ladder using binoculars, or consider calling a professional if you don’t feel that you’re able to get a proper view. 

Next, check for missing shingles, and note if any have fallen to the ground after a storm or particularly harsher weather. Especially in New England, it’s important to keep tabs on your roof after heavy rain, snowfall or any severe windstorms. Discoloration on the shingles itself is another detail to look for as it can mean that the granules that offer protection from elements of buildup or mold are no longer there. 

Interior Signs

In terms of what to look for from the inside of your home, look up and check your ceiling! Note discoloration or stains, or differences in texture. These sagging areas or signs of color changes indicate that a slow or small leak has started to occur. Like any other leak, it’s usually a sign of a larger problem and is best to resolve as soon as possible. 

Overall Age

The older your roof is the more likely it’s going to need to be replaced. An easy way to tell right away about a roof’s longevity is by noting the number of shingle layers. If it has a single layer the need to replace it isn’t as common as a multi-layered roof, which is known to age sooner. If you have moved into a home that is new for you, but older in general it’s great to be aware of what your roof is made from as well as when it was last replaced so that you can better gauge how often it will need replacing or repairs. 

These are just a few of the best and easiest ways to do a self-check on your roof. Of course, if you’re not quite sure, have questions, or need help assessing your roof, reach out to us! Call or email us to set up your first free consultation, or do so by filling out the form on our website. We are here to help!

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