A system of intake and exhaust ventilation...

helps prevent roof & attic damage. It creates a flow of air in the attic to help prevent mold and mildew from developing in damp months, when moisture builds up inside an attic. Without proper ventilation, heat buildup in summer either makes your house more uncomfortable, or drives-up cooling costs. Some shingles even deteriorate prematurely.

Roofing Ventilation with Ridge Vents

ridgeVents-shingle2AA proper roof ventilation system is a vital component of your roof. The ideal ventilation system must ensure free-flowing air along the entire underside of the roof deck for optimal results.

It must work year round to prevent the formation of ice dams during the winter, and to minimize heat build-up during the summer, so that the inside of the house stays cooler and air-conditioning costs are minimized.

A proper roof ventilation system is essential to validate the warranty of your shingles, since a poor system can cause shingles and paint to deteriorate prematurely. Ventilation also reduces excessive moisture, which can hurt some types of insulation. Moisture and humidity are also the main culprits of wood rot, as well as mold and mildew formation.

Ridge vents are a great way to ensure that your roof is properly ventilated. They run along the entire length of the roof peak, and are one of the most efficient ventilation systems.

The ridge vent system is also more attractive, since it blends seamlessly with the roof, instead of the bulky roof louvers or turbines. It is also great for cathedral ceilings. There are many different types of ridge vents, made by various manufacturers.

ridgeVents-venturiAfter many years of working with ridge vents, we have tried many different kinds and now know which ones perform the best and are worth the cost. Exhaust vents are necessary to get the hot air out, and intake vents are just as important to let the cool air in.

Ventilation systems are especially important for newer homes since they tend to be more insulated and airtight. Many older homes do fine without ventilation, but ridge vents may become necessary when new windows are installed.

Ridge vents are fairly difficult to install and cannot be left unfinished for any significant amount of time, since it requires opening up your roof to the elements.

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