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Roof Mapping with Eagleview

Roof Mapping with Eagleview

What is Eagleview?

The Eagleview team is one of our amazing partners that makes our job so much easier. The company uses geospatial (GIS) software, aerial imagery, and analytic tools to provide detailed property insights and measurements from areas of the roof that cannot be accessed safely. In simpler terms, the work they do allows us to do our job safer and more efficiently as we are able to better predict the site we are working on, guarantying safety for our workers, and a better end result for our client. They are a leader in the industry and have designed products that are easy to work with and continue to bring ease and functionality to the roof mapping process. 


What are Eagleviews products? 

Eagleview provides 4 products, each offering a different service, fulfilling a specific need. The Eagleview Asses system is a drone flight that provides property inspection and uses intuitive machine learning. It offers a streamlined review of the area one is working on, notes areas to adjust to make projects more efficient, and most importantly keeps our staff safe, as they are able to let the drone do the work while they are safely on the ground. The Eagleview Reveal product is a portfolio that features high-resolution aerial images that have been captured using their unique processing systems. These images provide 360-degree reviews and continue to prioritize safety and efficiency by allowing workers to be sitting in an office while looking at aerial views of their next project landscape. These are just two of their four amazing products that we often use the most! 


Why do we partner with Eagleview?

As a roofing company, we are always looking for the best, safest, and most efficient way to provide excellent service, while ensuring safety for our employees. Eagleview’s products have allowed us to make confident decisions in moving forward with our projects, knowing that we have the most accurate data available on the market today. The property data, clear imagery, versatile file types, and cutting-edge products are why we choose to work with them, and why they have been the gold standard in accurate property measurement for over a decade. We will keep supporting Eagleview as one of our great partners since they have been supporting us for years!  

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