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Choosing The Right Roof For Your Historic Home

We can all agree that the roof over our heads is the most important part of any home, especially in the Northeast, where we deal with snow, rain and ice depending on the season. When it comes to historic homes, there is much to consider, from preserving the original design, to finding a modern material alternative that protects your home. At Roofing Doctor, we are committed to protecting your historic home, while providing you with high quality materials and installation to last for the years to come. 

Consider The Original Design

In order to maintain the architectural integrity of your historic home, it is important to match the original style of the roof, while using updated materials. Researching the era and design of your home will help you decide which look is best for restoring your home to its original beauty. It’s also important to keep in mind that you may need to acquire a permit through your historical society for large updates to your home. 

Choose Shingle Type

With modern advancements in design and quality, we can recreate just about any style you want, using materials that are built to last. We have asphalt shingles that look like slate as well as wood and artificial slate shingles. Slate and wood shingles were the most commonly used and traditionally thought to be the best looking, but are the most expensive options. Slate shingles can last for almost one hundred years, while wooden shingles vary in longevity due to factors like wood type and weather exposure. However, there are newer materials that can mimic whatever style you choose at a more affordable cost while still maintaining excellent quality. Whether you’re choosing Spanish Terracotta or artificial slate, we work with companies that will make custom shingles based on your desired look and samples of what you have. 

Protect Your Investment

We say it all the time, but don’t forget the gutters! Crucial specifically in New England, having proper protection will keep your home safe and sturdy. Adding a gutter guard to your rain gutters will help to keep leaves, dirt, and other debris out so the water can flow easily with no buildup. Another feature to consider is heated gutter guards to help melt snow and icicles, keeping ice dam formation at bay. We encourage all homeowners to take special care with their rain gutters, as they are so important and will help prevent damage and decay to your home. Not sure which gutters are right for you? Click here to contact our team and we will help you find the best option. 

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Whether your home was built 200 years ago or 40 years ago, a new roof is imperative to keeping it around for 200 more years! Give us a call today to set up an appointment and get started.


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