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We can all agree that the roof over our heads is the most important part of any home, especially in the Northeast, where we deal with snow, rain and ice depending on the season. When it comes to historic homes, there is much to consider, from preserving the original design, to finding a modern material …

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When it comes to choosing the right material for your roof, you will find yourself with a handful of options. It can be overwhelming without direction from a skilled contractor. At Roofing Doctor, we aim to find you a balance between design and function when it comes to choosing your roof. Keep reading for answers …

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Gutter Cleaning - Leaf Filter

Gutters can be a homeowner’s best ally in protecting their home. A good roof needs to be supported by quality gutters. Proper rain gutters should be attached to the fascia and run the entire length of the roof with a proper pitch and angle ending with a downspout to direct water away from your home. …

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